Hi! I'm Linus.

# Who I am

Me, a penguin. Ah no, it's Tux... That's me. Ah no, it's Tux. But at least this is how I look on the internet.

# What I do

I write code.

A lot and for a living. I do mostly web development, Python and C#.

Technologies include but are not limited to:

It may be a lot, but for me it's also a lot of fun 😀
Yep, I'm a nerd.

I contribute to Open Source Software.

I ❤️ open source software and maintain a few repositories. In the beginning I occasionally contributed to small and big projects, most notably PyInstaller - that was when I first learned git, I'm still grateful for the maintainer assisting me... 😉
Later I published some of my own wok (IMO still much too little!) and eventually joined the spotify-downloader project as a contributor. Now I use git on a daily basis, bot at work and privately.
See some of my favorite projects below!

I use GNU/Linux.

I use GNU/Linux, mostly Debian-flavoured distributions (not Ubuntu!). My home computer runs a highly themed Linux Mint (most importantly the Plank dock and the gorgeous La Capitaine icon theme by Keefer Rourke!), the VPS this page and other stuff is running on is powered by Debian Server (and nginx, and...).

My Dock Look at this beauty!

Sometimes I "do hardware".

I use Raspberry Pis for all kinds of stuff, on most of them I use Raspbian Lite. Incredible little piece of hardware!
Talking about the Raspberry Pi: I also do that kind of tinkering with the ESP8266/32 and sometimes Arduinos.
I own a 3D-printer (it's an Anet A8 from China, so self-built), which is really fun and even useful!

From time to time I do photography, art, running, climbing & drumming.


I'm an avid runner, I do climbing and drive my bicycle a lot on a daily basis.
I enjoy creative working, like graphic (and web-)design, also drawing and photography (sun and moon can be soooo pretty). Arguably code is art too!
I play the drums.

# Projects

These are some of the projects I created or contribute to:


A Python module for controlling power and brightness of the official Raspberry Pi 7" touch display

rpi-backlight GIF

When I bought the official 7” touch LCD for my Raspberry Pi, I was happy about it. With one exception: you can’t change the display brightness out of the box.

I investigated for some hours, and hacked some Python code together. Time passed by, and the whole project turned into a Python module: rpi-backlight.


Download Spotify playlists with albumart and meta-tags

I'm a collaborator at the spotify-downloader project (initially created by Ritiek Malhotra) since July 2017.

It's simple to explain: spotify-downloader is a command line tool (GUI is WIP), which takes links to songs or playlists from Spotify, looks for them on YouTube, downloads the audio and saves it with all the metadata and album cover. You end up with an awesome-looking music library!

I'm still grateful he just reached out to me in the first place. Thanks Ritiek!


A pythonic Xbox360 controller API built on top of the xpad Linux kernel driver

This Python Package aims to provide a pythonic and complete API for your Xbox360 and similar game controllers. Currently it's built on top of the Linux kernel driver xpad so you can use it on almost any Linux distribution including your Rasperry Pi projects etc.

The following features are supported:


🔥 Minimalist Frontend UI Components

Still at the very beginning. I'm building web UI components with Casprine here!

# Get in touch

Well, just write me an email. Or find me elsewhere on the internet, try linusg.
I would love to hear from you!