My Camera

Whenever I have my camera with me, I’m taking photos of almost everything. But I don’t really care about techniques, so most of my best photos are just random lucky snapshots

I’m currently the happy owner of this camera, which is a megazoom bridge-camera really fitting my needs.


Some of the key features I really like

  • 24x optical zoom
  • Up to 200FPS slow-motion videos in VGA or 100FPS in HD
  • A fast and flexible autofocus
  • Nice bokeh (in comparison to my old digicam)
  • Good-looking 12MP photos
  • Easy usage, even for beginners

And no, this is not an advertisement for Panasonic


Most of my pictures are about nature. Think of thinks like flowers, trees, small insects, water, and – maybe my favorites – sunrise, sunset and the moon. Yes, the camera has enough zoom to make nice, sharp pictures of the moon:

The Moon

I’m really fascinated, how much details like the craters are visible!


This is obviously not a complete gallery of my best photographies, but some of the best.

Enjoy, and please ask if you want to use these images for other than private use. I'm pretty sure you understand